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Bringing Economic and Cultural Vitality to
Downtown Littleton! 


LDDA Regular Meeting – January 18th, 2023 at 4PM, 2255 West Berry Avenue, Community Room

Why a DDA for Littleton?

Our downtown is a true gem in the heart of Littleton. Whether you’re dining out on Main Street, biking or walking on trails that connect downtown with the Platte, or attending an outdoor concert at Bega Park, we all know the feeling of pride that comes with showing off our downtown to newcomers and out-of-town visitors.


But as we can all agree, downtown’s potential hasn’t yet been realized. Parking is difficult, there’s no central gathering place for shoppers and pedestrians, and our rights of way are overgrown with weeds and dying trees. It’s time to ensure that

downtown can be a vibrant, safe, and welcoming gateway to the City of Littleton.


What’s needed is local leadership to guide improvements and investment to enhance the downtown experience for shoppers, residents, employees and business owners alike. Local control will focus attention where it’s needed most.


DDAs (Downtown Development Authorities) are quasi-governmental entities that support downtown economic vitality and improvements. DDAs help facilitate partnerships between businesses, property owners and local governments to champion the beautification, development and improvements of a city’s central business area for the benefit of the city. 


DDAs have been successful in other downtowns we love along the Front Range – Englewood, Golden, Fort Collins, Longmont and Castle Rock, to name a few. 

City Council will appoint of board of directors comprised of residents and property owners within the DDA boundary who will oversee and prioritize DDA improvements. DDAs are not the same as urban renewal authorities and do not have power of eminent domain.


A DDA will support existing and new small businesses, add entertainment options to draw visitors downtown on evenings and weekends, provide better parking options and attract new restaurants and shops.


The City has been trying to keep up with the maintenance that downtown needs and deserves – the rights of way, the parks, the landscaping – but it’s just not quite to the standard we should be seeing in our downtown. We can make it better through local control and a dedicated revenue stream.


Providing a local revenue stream – paid for only by those who own property within the DDA boundaries – is appropriate. The funds will be used to keep downtown safe, vibrant and walkable – with adequate parking of course. Creating a DDA will provide local control and focus attention where it’s needed most.


Click here for an Executive Summary on why a DDA makes sense for Downtown Littleton. 

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